Completely automated business processes

As specialist in business automation software, Team Solutions offers a completely integrated modular all-in-one solution for the automation of your business processes.

Although an extensive standard software is being offered, Team Solutions prefers a flexible approach by which the application can be perfectly tailored to your specific needs.

The Optimus software is perfect for organisations that improve regularly their processes, according to us a necessity in a fast changing and complex environment with more and more need for in real time available information.

One solution for your entire organisation

All your business processes within the same application means less time for entering data, less errors, and less costs for maintaining several applications.

Centrally in the application are your "operations" (maintenance, projects, audits, jobs, planning, site visits, repairs, corrective actions, service, helpdesk...).

With the Sales/CRM module you have always full control over your commercial processes (leads, contacts, customers, mailings, offers, orders, pipeline reporting ...).

With the Supply module you can manage your purchasing and supply chain (suppliers, articles, stock, subcontracts, purchases...).

With the Assets module you can centralise and manage your sites/locations, equipment/installations, keys....

With the Administration module you can manage reception, telephony, vehicles/fleet, visitors, reservations, mailroom, documents, agenda...

With the HR module you can optimise the productivity of your people (registration of working hours, holiday requests, equipment, training courses...).

With the Finance module you can have a real time financial follow-up of your operations (costs, invoices, tariffs, payments, cost locations, contracts...).

Cloud solutions

The Optimus software is being offered as "software as a service". Through the hosting of the application in professional datacenters we guarantee the safety and availability of your data.

Mobile solutions

Optimus also offers a fully mobile offline version. This means that the mobile application can also be used offline. You don't need an internet connection to work with the mobile application.

The mobile version comes with the electronic signing of documents on your tablet, by which a paperless office is coming really close. After synchronisation, the finance department can start immediately with invoicing. Real time reporting is possible.

Business Intelligence

With the Business Intelligence module you can combine the data of several modules. The results are presented in real time in online dashboards. You are able to take action at any moment.

Optimus comes standard with about 50 KPI's and about 20 management information reports.


  • structuring and centralisation of your operational information
  • information in the cloud available for several users, via PC, laptop, smartphone and tablet
  • automation of the reporting, internally or for your customers
  • pragmatically adjustable to your needs and expectations
  • grows easily with you (flexible standard solution)
  • short implementation time
  • only 3 half days of training necessary
  • in maximum 3 clicks to all information
  • Optimus can deal with multiple languages, currencies and complex organisational structures



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