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The opening screen of Optimus, adjustable to the user, gives an overview of the modules and their submodules.


The user can work in the language of his choice.


Sales Force Administration

The Sales/CRM module is a full module giving you complete control over your commercial processes.
It can also be bought separately.
Real time dashboards give you all the necessary information in one place for making the right decisions.
This module is also available in a full offline mobile version.




Centrally in Optimus are your "operations". These form the heart of the application.



Subcontractors interface

Your subcontractors can work directly with your data through a special web interface.



Location data

Planned activities and interventions are always being fulfilled on a specific location (Site) with a specific technical installation (Equipment). Optimus offers you the possibility to centralise and manage all relevant information, including energy management, in a standardized way. In combination with the GIS module (Geographical Information System) you can easily optimise the transfers.



Procurement & stock

With this module you can manage the logistic processes of the services of your operational activities. Through the integration with the Operations module, Optimus is telling you exactly which supplies you need to order.



Administration & Document management

This module is helping you with the management of your general services and the administrative tasks of your back office personnel. Optimus comprises also an advanced Document Management System. In combination with the ADP (Automatic Data Processing) module and Optimus Mobile, a “paperless office” is coming really close.



Human Resources & payroll

To execute all the planned activities, interventions and processes you need personnel that has to be managed.
The information in this module, in combination with the modules Operations and Finance, gives you real time feedback about the productivity of your people, and how to optimise it.



Facility management

This module is offering you the possibility to manage all the data about your general services (telephony, cars, visitors, reservations...) of your company and/or your customers.
With the integration of this module you can avoid that your data is being kept in several applications, and you can gain time.




Your business processes result in financial data. Optimus automates your invoicing and allows a real time financial follow-up of your operations. 
Optimus can also synchronise with existing financial software (SAP, Cubic, Venice…).



Mobile Solutions


This application allows technicians and/or other “field” personnel to download certain information on their laptop or iPad for offline consultation and to import operational data. This data can be synchronised with Optimus.



Business intelligence


Combines all the data from the different modules and presents the results in real time in one or more dashboards.





Reporting for your customers


Optimise the communication with your customers. With this module, your customers can consult via the web the status of their intervention, or demand a new intervention. As a result the external reporting is minimal.


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